Sunday, November 11, 2012

Customer service

When I'm dealing with retailers or service providers, nothing irritates me more than crap.  Whether it's crap attitudes, products or customer service doesn't matter, and many of us can tell stories of crap in the marketplace.  There's no excuse for crappy retail, and if businesses want to deliver crap they have to live with the consequences. If I'm dissatisfied I can take my money and custom elsewhere, and that's the power customers have - everywhere.

Businesses can make all the claims they like about their products and services.  They can have all the pretty faces and slogans available.  But it means nothing when customers are angry and considering moving to the opposition.

I could name names here, but don't think it would affect much.  You all have your own stories.  But what I am doing is writing an E-book entitled 'How to Provide the Best Customer Service on Earth'.  Watch this space.

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